May 30, 2011

Man Vs Food @ Sakae Sushi

Tak tau kenapa, this month mcam having Japanese Food Fair... Almost every week we were having Japanese food for lunch and dinner. The latest dinner was at Sakae Sushi located at Subang Parade. Initially we were planning to have our dinner at Furin Japanese Restaurant located at Holiday In, Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. Unfortunately, that nite, they were only serving buffet dinner. My family and I felt that buffet dinner is too much for us.... We just want ala carte dinner..... Dinner tak mau berat sangat... Yea right!!!!

So we left Furin and heading to Subang Parade. We decided to have our Japanese food dinner at Sakae Sushi... A restaurant with green frog logo.... Soo cute..

Cute kan......

Mula2 cuak juga nak makan kat sini, takut radiation, but upon reading Sakae Syshi statement, we were ok.... Takut juga dengan kesan radiation......

Important Notice On Japanese Food Imports


Afiqah and Batrisyia

California Roll, Afiqah's fav

Ebi Tempura, Batrisyia's fav

Grilled Chicken for Aiman. Aiman is allergy with seafood (his statement, but in actual fact he dislike fish...), and he can't eat sushi


Party Set
The Party Set is really torturing us... It was servered in big plate meant for 4 - 6 people. When we ordered this set, I thought it was for 2 - 3 people. We only realised when the waiter delievered the set to us in the huge plate!!! We were having tough time to finish up the whole plate..... Banyak sangat... susah nak habiskan, tapi malas nak tapau. Kalau bawa balik pun tak ada orang nak makan... So my Hubby and I decided to finish up the whole plate!!!! Agaknya macam ni lah perasaan Adam Richman dalam Man Vs Food show. But we are not Adam Richman....Apa yang dia makan nampak sedap sangat...

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