March 1, 2013

Wonder Woman Captain America Converse Shoe Cake

Adik wanted a Wonder Woman or Captain America theme Converse Shoes for her 13th birthday.  Unfortunately, this is a customized shoes and only available online. Sorry Adik, we can't buy the shoes in Malaysia, sob, sob....

So, on Adik's birthday, Akak, my eldest daughter suggested to decorate a converse shoes cake as Adik's birthday cake. I have no experience making a shoes cake, so instead of making a pair of Converse Shoes cake, we decided to do only one shoe.....

Converse All Star Wonder Woman Hi
The original Wonder Woman Converse Shoes. Courtesy of  All The Shoes

The original Captain America Converse Shoe. Courtesy of Converse

 With helped from Akak, we finally managed to complete the cake. Although the shoe was not looked exactly like the original shoes, but we both satisfied with the result (yaaaa.... we know there are lots of improvement need to be done......)

Wonder Woman 

Captain America
Wonder Woman and Captain America Shoe Cake

The cake is made with Strawberry cake and covered with fondant. 


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