January 27, 2010

Cupcakes di bulan January......

I started 2010 with baking cupcakes. Well it was a good start for me... Hopefully, things can be better in the months to come... I baked vanilla cuppies for Fiza and choc moist cuppies for Rosni. Rosni bought the cuppies for her two little children, a boy and a girl, and the little girl is really cute. Rosni came to my house to pick up the cuppies with her little girl. Unfortunately, I did not  managed to take the little girls' photo with the cupcakes.....

Rosni told me that she prefer cuppies with lots of buttercream icing. Her children thought the buttercream icing is an ice-cream... So cute......

Elmo and Cookie Monster for Rosni's Children

2 days after I baked cuppies for Rosni, I decided to bake another set of cuppies for my sis's birthday. This was the first time I delivered cuppies via post. Kira macam buat experiment lah.. To my suprise, a day after I couried the cuppies, my sister called from Mersing and she told me that the cuppies were all ok.... "The cuppies survived the journey, phew.... what a relief...."

These are the cuppies I baked for my sister.

January 26, 2010

Cake? Cupcake? Not Related: Ways to make 2010 your Best Year Yet!!!

This post is not related to cakes, cupcakes and others related to bakery... In fact I have difficulties to categorise this post. Thus, I created another group, which I named "My Little Corner". I have intention to have this section under different blog, but I don't think I able to do it at the moment......

I read this interesting article from Ankur Agarwal's web site. I found it very interesting, although Agarwal is Professional MLM Coach And Consultant , he didn't even mention anything about M.L.M in this post. This is about making your life interesting and more meaningful. Below is the excerpt from Agarwal's blog.

  1. Remember that leadership isn’t about your position. It’s about your influence.
  2. Get fit like a pro athlete.
  3. Lift people up versus tearing people down.
  4. Protect your good name. An impeccable reputation takes a lifetime to build. And 60 seconds to lose.
  5. Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.
  6. Remember that even a 1% daily innovation rate amounts to at least a 100% rate of innovation in 100 days.
  7. Believe in your dreams (even when others laugh at them).
  8. Measure your success, not by your net worth but by your self worth (and how happy you feel).
  9. Take an intelligent risk every 24 hours. No try-No Win.
  10. Read “Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist”.
  11. Watch “Man on Wire”.
  12. Regardless of your title at work, be a team builder.
  13. Remember that business is all about relationships and human connections.
  14. Say “please” more.
  15. Say “thank you” more.
  16. Know your Big 5: the five things that need to happen by the end of this year for you to feel its been your best year yet.
  17. Read your Big 5 every morning while the rest of the world is asleep.
  18. Read “As You Think”. At least twice this year.
  19. Be willing to fail. It’s the price of greatness.
  20. Focus less on making money and more on creating value.
  21. Spend less, save more.
  22. Leave everything you touch better than you found it.
  23. Be the most positive person in every room you’re in.
  24. Run your own race.
  25. Stay true to your deepest values and best ideals.
  26. Write a handwritten thank you note to a customer / friend / loved one every day.
  27. When you travel, send love letters to your kids on hotel stationary. In time, they’ll have a rich collection to remember your travels by.
  28. Read “Atlas Shrugged”.
  29. Be a problem solver versus a trouble maker.
  30. Rather than doing many things at mediocrity do just a few things-but at mastery.
  31. Honor your parents.
  32. Commit to doing great work-whether anyone notices it or not. It’s one of life’s best sources of happiness.
  33. Give more than you receive (another of the truths of happiness).
  34. Have your 1/3/5/10/25 years goals recorded on paper and review them weekly.
  35. Be patient. Slow and steady wins the race. The only reason businesses that went from zero to a billion in a year or two get featured in magazines is because 99% of businesses require a lot more time to win.
  36. Underpromise and then overdeliver.
  37. See part of your job as “a developer of people” (whether you work in the boardroom or the mailroom).
  38. Wear your heart on your sleeve. When people see you’re real, they’ll fall in love with you.
  39. Be authentic versus plastic.
  40. Read “The Alchemist”.
  41. Remember that life wants you to win. So get out of your own way.
  42. Consider that behind every fear lives your next level of growth (and power).
  43. Eat less food.
  44. Drink more water.
  45. Rest when you need to.
  46. Read “SUCCESS” magazine.
  47. Write your eulogy and then live your life backwards.
  48. Demand the best from yourself.
  49. Remember that the more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand.
  50. See everything that happens to you as an opportunity to grow (and therefore, as a precious gift).
  51. Be obsessed with learning and self-development.
  52. Become comfortable alone (you are the only person you get to be with your whole life).
  53. Smile. It’s a stunningly effective way to win in business and life.
  54. Reflect on the shortness of life.
  55. Be bold when it comes to your dreams but gentle with those you love.
  56. Remember that success is dangerous because it can kill drive / innovation / passion and going the extra mile. Be successful yet stay hungry.
  57. Read “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”.
  58. Be of deep value to this world.
  59. Own beautiful things but don’t let them own you.
  60. Use excellent words.
  61. Laugh more.
  62. Don’t complain, gossip or be negative.
  63. Plan as if you’ll live forever but live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

I know some of the suggestions are not easy for us to do, but most of suggestions above are so easy.... i.e. laugh more, don't complain, say "please", say "thank you", etc.... In another word, be positive ......

I am trying my very best to eat less, drink more, continue to honor my father and most importantly in the current economic situation, where price of all items goes up (yg turun cuma air hujan....hehehe) is to spend less and save more!!!! Maybe we should talk more about this topic.... especially on the topic of "berjimat cermat".

January 14, 2010

1st Entry in 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Is it still ok to wish happy new year? Well, we are still in Jan... So, ok kot.... Hampir 1 bulan saya tak update blog ni... kalau rumah tu dah berhabuk, bersawang.... Teringin nak reconstruct the layout, tapi macam tak sempat.... I thought I want to have new layout for 2010, tapi tunggu dulu lah. Tengok blog kawan2 berwajah baru, teringin juga nak tukar...  Sibuk sangat... Sibuk dengan kerja office, kerja rumah, dan macam2 lagi... Dah lah tu for the past two weeks sibuk adjusting my schedule, adjust waktu tidur (penting tu....), adjust waktu bangun pagi (especially after 1.5 month bangun agak lewat, sebab cuti sekolah), adjust waktu dinner.... In fact semua kena adjust lah.....Bila dah tak ada maid, semua kena buat sendiri. Nasib baik lah anak2 dah besar, pandai lah mereka jaga diri masing2.

Walaupun asyik mengeluh sibuk, baking activity tetap diteruskan. Bila sibuk baking and decorating cake, hilang semua stress... cuma penat sikit lah. Rasa sakit2 hilang bila tengok hasil kerja...

Oh ya, back to cerita baking.... Awal tahun 2010, Hafizah, kawan Afiqah requested vanilla flavour cupcakes. Bila saya tanya "is there any special occasion?" Dia kata tidak... Mesti ada, betul tak Fiza??? Rupa2 nya Fiza nak makan cupcakes ni with her bf. I wanted to make something "lovey dovey", but then I decided to downplay the lovey dovey part... Sometimes it can be sensitive.... Kena jaga juga....

"Fiza, thanks for the order.... I hope I can bake more cupcakes for you"


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