October 12, 2010

Cafe, Organic Halal Food

Today I saw an advertisement for business opportunity, to be a franchisee for one of a leading cafe... I told Aiman about it and his answer was no!!! He said I should be marketing my own brand and my own products, not selling somebody else products.... Betul gak...

I should have started with my marketing strategy.... Thinking of positioning my products under halal, fresh and organic based.... But in Malaysia, organic halal based food is still expensive... If the basic ingredients is expensive, it is very difficult to charge the customer at normal price!

Sekarang ni kadang2 tanda halal juga meragukan.... Ada setengah makanan berlabel "halal" issued by Jakim, tapi sesetengah pihak mengatakan tidak halal. Macam mana ya? Last Sunday, Batrisyia, my youngest daughter bought junk food with halal logo, but one of Afiqah's friend said that it is not halal and contain "pig fat"..... Ha?????

 Tan Sri Dato’ Muhammad Ali Hashim, Deputy President of the Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPIM), revealed that there is currently a distinct need for a recognised and professional auditing body that is funded, organised and run by the businesses themselves, to address “the relapses within the control and monitoring mechanism for Halal certification”. Click here for detailed.

Kalau di negara kita tanda halal pun boleh di ragui, di luar negara especially di UK, the non muslim bersungguh2 berkempen against halal meat. Click here 

Ramadhan - Syawal

It has been too long i did not update my blog. When was the last time I update it? August 19, eh lamanya... 2 bulan.... Patutlah dah berhabuk dan bersawang... Ish, ish,ish...

Actually tak ada cerita menarik nak update... Sepanjang bulan puasa saya bercuti from baking... Saja nak relax... Awal bulan puasa, Adik was warded at SDMC. Then, penghujung bulan puasa hingga 9 Syawal, saya dan keluarga menghabiskan cuti kami di Makkah dan Madinah. Dapatlah berpuasa dan berhari raya di sana. Bila balik, sibuk dengan open houses dan tak ada masa untuk baking. I received call from wedding planner nak tempah cake bentuk "car turbo", terpaksa saya tolak.... Betul-betul tak sempat...

Bila nak start lagi baking pun saya tak pasti...


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