June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Adik (Batrisyia anak bungsu saya) sibuk dengan persiapan untuk menyambut Hari Bapa. Kad Hari Bapa telah dibeli minggu lepas. Bagi anak-anak saya Hari Bapa, Hari Ibu, Harijadi adalah hari-hari yang penting dalam hidup mereka.

Awal minggu ni Adik sibuk menyelongkar buku-buku koleksi kek. Kemudian, dia memilih satu design kek untuk dihadiahkan kepada bapanya. "Umi, boleh tak buat kek ini untuk Abah? Adik nak bagi kek ni untuk Abah sebagai hadiah Father's Day." Pada mulanya saya rasa agak malas nak decorate cake. Tetapi, bila Adik buat muka kesian, timbulah pulak rasa kasihan....

Bila tengok gambar kek pilihan Adik, saya terkejut. Dia memilih kek berbentuk beg golf berserta golfer figurine. Alamak, saya belum pernah mencuba mereka bentuk kek seperti pilihan Adik. Ok.... saya tak boleh tunjukkan muka panik... "Ok, Umi cuba, lagi pun Umi boleh belajar buat figurine".

Begini lah kek yang telah di hasilkan...

Ini adalah kali pertama saya mencuba membuat figurine. Belum sempurna, dan masih banyak perlu di baiki.

June 12, 2009

Hanafi's Engagement Cake

Last month, Angah, my husband's sister, who live in Banting, made an announcement that Hanafi (his son) is planning to have his engagement ceremony with Dewi, his girl friend from Sabah. Angah asked me whether I can bake cake for the "hantaran". The answer of course is a "yes".

With 1 month notice... errmmm I thought I would have enough time to prepare everything. Yeah right!!! Not until last week, I still can't think of any theme or idea on what need to be done! When I asked Angah, she said the theme color is white, however, it is up to me to design the cake. Oh oh....

I asked my husband and Afiqah to contibute some ideas... Their answer was "KISS!!! - keep it sweet and simple". And should be easy to handle, especially when the cake has to travel all the way from Banting to Papar in Sabah.

The result.........

So last nite, my husband and I delivered the cake to Angah's house in Banting. When they saw the cake, they like it.... Alhamdulillah....

This morning Hanafi, Angah, my husband and other family members (not forgeting the cake!) went to Sabah. And I just received call from my husband that engagement ceremony went well.

Congratulation Hanafi.... I hope I can bake your wedding cake this November!!!!!!
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June 2, 2009

Bukit Jelutong Carnival

Last weekend I was at Bukit Jelutong Carnival. Thanks to Bob for allowing me to have one table in his booth to display my cupcakes and cookies. There were four team in one booth. Bob and his family were selling Halal German Sausage, Fauzan and his family were selling Char Koay Teow, Bard and his Ice Blended Gang were selling Ice Blended (what else...) and off course cupcakes & cookies by Afiqah, Batrisyia and I.

It was fun and most importantly the positive and encouraging feedback given by people visiting the booth. It boost up my confidence level... Ermmm... thinking of career change???? Oh... not now.... Well for now I will continue doing this on part time basis...

Afiqah and I have decided we wont be having sausage, char koay teow and ice blended for the whole month... We have enough for the whole weekend....

The local German sausages are superb!!!!

The Char Koay Teow is the best in town!!!

The mixed fruits ice blended is terrific!!!

Batrisyia is enjoying her cupcakes at the carnival.... yummy!!!

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Junida's Birthday Cake

I bake this cake for my niece, Junida for her 17th birthday. Happy Sweet 17 my dear....
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June 1, 2009


Afiqah helped me to decorate these cookies. This is our first attempt.... Well, the result was not that bad, but definitely can be improved....
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