May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and is celebrated in more than 50 countries in the world. Other countries celebrated on different date, different month of the year. If you need to know more, kindly click here.

Unfortunately for me and my sisters, our beloved mom left us 20 years ago. She succumbed to cancer, started with colon cancer and within 2 years, the cancer spread to her liver… Missed her sooo much…

The only thing that I can do is to pray for her. As stated in Islamic Voice, the best prayer, or dua’, to say for our deceased parents, and even when they are alive, is that which God has taught us in the Qur’an: “‘My Lord, bestow on them Your grace, even as they reared and nurtured me when I was a child.” (17: 24)

Another prayer is that mentioned in the Qur’an as said by the Prophet Noah: “My Lord! Grant forgiveness to me and to my parents.” (71: 28)

If you combine the two, you will be acting on the Prophet’s (Pbuh) advice and saying the best prayers for them. We normally say this prayer at the end of each prayer, whether obligatory or recommended, just before we finish the prayer with salam. But it can be said at any time: The more often the better.

Emak, I really missed you.....


  1. I missed my grandma too and my mum...

  2. Dayah, bila ingat kat mereka, mesti rasa sayu... Semoga roh mereka di golongkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman.... Amin



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