November 10, 2011


Last Thursday rasa malas sangat nak pergi kerja. Actually I memang minta cuti half day everyday from Wednesday until Friday. My father was visiting us and was at home. So I decided that I have to be at home in the evening and will cook dinner for him until Friday. On Friday he went back to our hometown in Pontian.

Even though I felt soo malas, I pi juga kerja. Drove until Kesas and realised that my tyres were flat. So, I dropped by at Petronas Awan Besar. Kena isi angin lah pulak. I bernasib baik sebab Mat Bangla kat Petronas tu tolong I. Tapi hati masih rasa tak best, I guessed mungkin sebab I akan lambat sampai office. Continue driving, turned to MEX, then ambil jalan Sungai Besi, turn to Jalan Istana. 

This was where the problem started. One of the tyres punctured. Alamak!!! So I switched my hazard signal "ON" and tried slowly to go to the emergency lane. Traffic was heavy, in fact it was crawling. Suddenly, I saw a motorbike flying and bang! the  motorbike hit my car. And I saw two bodies were thrown from the motorbike. Oh no!!! I managed to park my car at the emergency lane. A young guy and gal, both were not seriously injured, but there were bruises on their legs and hands. 

Budak lelaki tu mengamuk dan keep on cursing me, macam2 lah, but I managed to keep cool and told him, whatever it is we have to make police report. Tak lama lepas tu, ada a few motorbikes and one suv arrived at the scene. Father, brothers and sisters. I was lucky the father arrived at the scene, kalau tak entahlah. 

Ini lah motorbike yang langgar I. Yang ramai2 tulah their siblings

After I gave them some money for their medical treatment, a Pajero of PDRM passed by and they stopped dan dengan ramahnya they offered to replace my tyre. I betul2 rasa bersyukur... They managed to replace the tyre in less than 1/2 hour.

To En Salidon, En Faizal and the other 2 policemen, saya ucapkan jutaan terimakasih.... Kalau tak ada encik2 semua, mesti teruk saya kena.

I have made police report, already informed the insurance and now just waiting for the car to be "admitted" at the workshop.

Side mirror pecah, body and doors dented....

Sekarang ni my car ada di rumah... bila nak repair ya, susah lah nak pergi kerja....

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