June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Ida

Last Thursday, we celebrated Ida’s (my niece) birthday. We went to Chilis at Empire Gallery, Subang. Lagi pun dah lama sangat tak makan kat Chilis. Every time kami ke sana queue punya lah panjang, and we end up having dinner somewhere else.

Masa nak naik escalator to 1st floor, guess what? We met Anuar Zain!!!! Oh tidak….. Saya amat meminati lelaki ini….. Afiqah said hi to him and told him that I (the Umi) want to take Anuar’s picture… He is sooo polite and he said yes… I just took my girls’ photos with him… I tukang ambil gambar jer, tapi tak ambil gambar dengan dia pun…

Ida, Anuar Zain, Afiqah and Batrisyia

Afiqah and Anuar Zain.....

After we left, ramai lah perempuan2 took photo with him...

Aiman.... the girls sibuk ambil gambar with Anuar Zain, dia pulak nak bergaya with the racing car....

I didn't manage to take photo using my camera masa makan... Battery kaput... I hope I can upload from my hubby's phone....

I also attached one of my favorite songs…. Just click the image below...... Enjoy!!!!

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