April 29, 2010

Birthday, Birthday and Birthday

Birthday, birthday and birthday..... Ramai pula celebrated birthday in April, my eldest sister, my father, truly yours, Husna (Adik's best friend) and a few more friend and relatives.... Saya buat birthday cakes for them but not for myself.

Yesterday, staff at the office gave me a slice of carrot cake for my belated birthday cake. Ingat juga dia orang...

Carrot cake is my favorite. They bought it from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Sedaaaapppp. Thanks Arfa, Fadz, Mazy and Zainal.

I made this cake for Meera (Akak's friend). She ordered for her brother, Anuar, who was celebrating his 16th birthday last month. She told me that her brother is a bookworm and loves basketball. So I made book cake with basketball player figurines as the deco.

Choc moist cake covered with fondant icing.

Princess cake ini saya buat untuk Husna (kawan baik Adik). Adik told me Husna loves green color, so, I decided to dress the Princess with green dress.

Vanilla cake with orange buttercream filling.

I wish I have pinggang seramping Princess ..... Yeah right....

My Princess Cake for Husna Birthday and photo frame from Husna for my birthday

Last weekend my hubby invited his staff and office mates to our house for breakfast. I made mixed fruits trifle for the dessert. (The rest of the food, I ordered from a few places.) I baked the sponge vanilla cakes a day in advanced then I made the custard on the day I assembled the trifle. I din't use the readymix cake and custard. For me the homemade cake and custard taste better.
The trifles....
Mixed fruits and blueberry filling trifle

Mixed fruits and strawberry filling trifle

By the way, I told Abang and Adik, I am planning to make Lychee Trifle for them.... Tapi bila????

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