February 24, 2010

The importance of having uninterrupted, peaceful & restful sleep

Sejak 2 tahun yg lalu saya sering mengalami sakit tulang belakang. Jumpa specialist, buat x-ray for the whole body, result showed nothing irregular... So, I end up buat physiotheraphy... Saya pernah mencuba chiropractic, tapi seperti biasa this thing come and go... bila penat or stress datang lah sakit tu...

Sejak bulan puasa tahun lalu, saya mencuba Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad dan sekarang sakit tulang belakang saya semakin berkurangan, jarang sekali menyerang.. Lega.... Sekiranya anda berminat untuk memiliki mattress pad ini atau inginkan keterangan dengan lebih lanjut, boleh lah hubungi saya either through phone or email as stated in this blog. Untuk keterangan dalam Bahasa Melayu, sila tekan di sini.

Below is the excerpt of the product description from the company website:

The importance of having uninterrupted, peaceful & restful sleep:

Sleeping well at night without any interruptions in between is vital for all of us, be it young or old, men or women. Having enough restful sleep at night enables us to perform better during the day. On the contrary, fitful sleep can lead to an array of physical, mental and psychological problems, including constant fatigue, sleepiness during the day, inability to focus or concentrate on a particular task, indecisiveness, increased agitation and irritability, and feelings of depression. Various research studies have shown that lack of sleep may also make us more vulnerable to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can improve our quality of sleep. The Contiago range of Bio-ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad, Scientific Pillow and Bolster are specially designed to help you achieve pure sleeping comfort and give you the high quality sleep your body needs in order to function at an optimal level.

Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad

The Contiago Bio-ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad utilises a unique combination of 11 special layers of top quality materials to provide a firm yet gentle head, cervical, spinal and body support and a superior ergonomic structure design that adjusts to the individual body's contour, continually self-adjusting to relieve pressure points with built-in ventilation pockets and a peaked foam surface to promote air circulation for a more comfortable sleeping surface. The mattress pad is superbly constructed and crafted with high quality foam and other materials such as synthetic lamb's wool enclosed in a very attractive and comfortable high quality patterned anti-dust mite Damask Jacquard fabric covering that gives it a luxurious and smooth feel. Besides providing Far Infrared, Bio-Magnetic, Jade Mineral Stone and Negative Ion functions, it also includes special high quality insulated carbon heating elements that are able to produce naturally safe and vital thermal heat effect for unmatched benefits to optimise your well being as you sleep away in a relaxed, deep and most comforting sleep.

Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad (king) - PC 3115

Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad(queen) - PC 3116

Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad (single) - PC 3117

Special features of contiago

1. Far infrared function
FIR produced by specially treated fabric with powerful bio-ceramics and Jade Mineral Stones help to promote the growth and vitality of living cells in the human body.

2. Bio-magnetic function
Powerful Permanent Magnets embedded in the polyurethane foam helps to improve deep tissue penetration that energises the body much faster and more efficiently for its own self-healing mechanism.

4. Thermal function
A combination of a special layer interlaced with high quality isolated carbon heating element that is able to produce naturally safe and vital thermal heat effect for promoting blood circulation and revitalisation in the body system.

5. Jade mineral stone function
Able to emit negative ion, far infrared rays as well as vital "life" energies that can help to enhance the biological function of body cells and increase blood circulation.

6. Negative-ion function

negative ions that are produced by the specially treated fabric and Jade Mineral Stones are also known as "good ions" or "happy ions", are believed to be able to energise human cells and improve body's immune system.

7. Pure comfort
Its superb ergonomic contour design provides proper head, neck and spinal support to prevent you from getting neck aches during the day, at the same time, helps you to sleep more soundly throughout the night.

8. Anti-dust mite function
The luxurious Damask Jacquard layer is specially treated with a laborious treatment process that imparts its unique and effective anti-dust mite properties, thus, providing you with the best defence against most know types of dust mites.

Contiago bio-ion therapeutic mattress pad product warranty
The Contiago Bio-ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad is covered by a 1 year Product Warranty that ensures you peace of mind in using this unique product to your full enjoyment.

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