January 30, 2011

Cucur Badak and Pulau Carey

My Hubby's staff gave two packets of frozen cucur badak last weekend, before they went to Pulau Carey for golfing. Pulau Carey is famous for the great seafood and the indigenous Mah Meri (pronounced Mak Miri) people who have a reputation for some of the world's finest wooden mask. I never been to Pulau Carey, and never tasted the seafood overthere. One day I must visit this island....

Frozen Cucur Badak

Cucur Badak, yummy

The verdict: Not bad.... But I think the Cucur Badak would be nicer or tastier with a bit of chillies added to make it spicier.



  1. huarrghhhhhh drooling lah aunty! it has been a long time since i had a very nice cucur badak

  2. Qu,this one kurang pedas... aunty prefer kalau ada rasa pedas sikit... cucur badak kat rumah dah habis, tapi otak2 popiah ada...

  3. btol la cik azi..cucur badak kene rase pedas2 ckit



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