January 4, 2011

Black and Gold 50th Birthday Cake

A week before Christmas, I received phone call from Akak's friend, Naadira. She wanted Black and Gold birthday cake for her Dad and in the shape of "5 0". The birthday party was only a week away, which was on Christmas day. And I only have 1 week to prepare everything!!!

"The Golden 5 0"

Initially, Naadira and her mom can't decide on the deco for the cake. Finally, her mom agreed to have deco related to golf. I wanted to have simple deco but masculine. Black and gold cake with golf deco, I felt that I will have problem to present the cake. I always think that golf related deco must have green as the back ground.

Black and Gold golf bag

Iron and wood


Dad, you are the best

(Finally, I managed to put a green patch on the cake board......)

Golf Balls

Happy Birthday Dad


  1. So nice laa sis....ingat nak order for anniversary on this coming mon tp tuan tanah kena gioutstation lee polak....But still nak order for early march,insyallah end Feb sue call akak...(he become 7 & transformer thema...)



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