March 5, 2010

Humaira Online Boutique

My sis-in-law, Aini is starting her homebased business recently, and as usual, I would like to "be involved" as well. Biasa lah tu kan... Seronok tau buat business from home, although buat secara kecil-kecilan, untung tak seberapa, tapi hati puas.... For now, we are doing it on part-time basis... Both of us are having full time job that we don't think we can just let it go....We do this business outside office hour and it is not related to our office work... My full time job is in IT and my part-time job, which is also my passion, is in cake decorating... My boss is fully aware about my involvement in cake decorating, but it is ok with him, as long as I deliver my responsibility and my other activities didn't interfere with my job...

Back to my partnership with my sis-in-law, we are selling items that are necessity for jemaah haji and umrah. Our products include kain ihram, telekung, jubah, socks, facial cleanser, moisturizer, etc... We even supply food supplement… All our products are locally made, halal and menepati syara’.

We can assure that most of our products are locally made…. Even the telekung, jubah, shirt and blouses are locally made… No doubt the imported telekung comes is various size, design, colors and materials, but sometimes the telekung can’t fit nicely. Ours is locally made and we make sure the telekung fits our customer nicely… It is very, very important as this involved with our aurat. Ye lah kalau telekung longgar, rambut akan keluar, kalau sempit, susah lah pulak…. As for jubah and shirt for men, the design is based on jubah design sold in Makkah or Madinah. However, the tailor is Malaysian, who has been tailoring in Arab Saudi for years…. Di samping itu kami akan memastikan material yang di gunakan bermutu tinggi…

Buat masa ini kami masih lagi sibuk building up our inventory….We have developed simple blog for online customers. At the moment, we have not uploaded the picture of our products into our blog. But we are planning to do it soon… Currently, Aini is writing about her experience performing hajj and umrah. Should you are interested to know more kindly visit our blog at

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