January 27, 2010

Cupcakes di bulan January......

I started 2010 with baking cupcakes. Well it was a good start for me... Hopefully, things can be better in the months to come... I baked vanilla cuppies for Fiza and choc moist cuppies for Rosni. Rosni bought the cuppies for her two little children, a boy and a girl, and the little girl is really cute. Rosni came to my house to pick up the cuppies with her little girl. Unfortunately, I did not  managed to take the little girls' photo with the cupcakes.....

Rosni told me that she prefer cuppies with lots of buttercream icing. Her children thought the buttercream icing is an ice-cream... So cute......

Elmo and Cookie Monster for Rosni's Children

2 days after I baked cuppies for Rosni, I decided to bake another set of cuppies for my sis's birthday. This was the first time I delivered cuppies via post. Kira macam buat experiment lah.. To my suprise, a day after I couried the cuppies, my sister called from Mersing and she told me that the cuppies were all ok.... "The cuppies survived the journey, phew.... what a relief...."

These are the cuppies I baked for my sister.

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