June 12, 2009

Hanafi's Engagement Cake

Last month, Angah, my husband's sister, who live in Banting, made an announcement that Hanafi (his son) is planning to have his engagement ceremony with Dewi, his girl friend from Sabah. Angah asked me whether I can bake cake for the "hantaran". The answer of course is a "yes".

With 1 month notice... errmmm I thought I would have enough time to prepare everything. Yeah right!!! Not until last week, I still can't think of any theme or idea on what need to be done! When I asked Angah, she said the theme color is white, however, it is up to me to design the cake. Oh oh....

I asked my husband and Afiqah to contibute some ideas... Their answer was "KISS!!! - keep it sweet and simple". And should be easy to handle, especially when the cake has to travel all the way from Banting to Papar in Sabah.

The result.........

So last nite, my husband and I delivered the cake to Angah's house in Banting. When they saw the cake, they like it.... Alhamdulillah....

This morning Hanafi, Angah, my husband and other family members (not forgeting the cake!) went to Sabah. And I just received call from my husband that engagement ceremony went well.

Congratulation Hanafi.... I hope I can bake your wedding cake this November!!!!!!
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